Blogs and Interviews


# 1 Context for Mixed Harvest Also audio and video “Bringer,” Chapter 2

# 2 Climate A consequence of Agriculture.

# 3 Minds Meeting Aliens.

# 4 Forethought or Afterthought What about the Future? Also audio and video: “Drummer,” Chapter 10


Tell Me a Story: Blog Interview, By Lisa Towles.

Interview with Cynthia Brian

Big Blend Radio Interview

Interview, Bob Cudmore, The Historians, October 23, 2020.

Interview with Janeane Bernstein on KUCI, “Get the Funk Out”

The Round Table Talk Show with Sharifah Hardie. Panel discussion on a range of topics.

Writers’ Voices, blog interview with Monica Hadley. And here it is on YouTube

Interview with Sarah Meckler, GSMC Podcast Network.

Interview with Hasty Book List

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